About Quench

How does registration work?

The application is free to download and to use. Pick a bar and a drink then show your screen to your bartender.

Is there a minimum to be consumed to get a free drink?

No. You can get your free drink and leave.

When can I reclaim a drink?

Immediately after you sign up, you can reclaim your drink. Then, you can reclaim another drink from then on, everyday.

Can I claim a free drink in different bars on a given day?

Unfortunately no, once you choose a place to receive your free drink, you have to wait until the next day to receive another free drink.

What kind of bars are on Quench?

We choose only the best bars in Montreal. Our list of partner bars is constantly growing, so many more choices are coming.

What happened to my old subscription?

If you were monthly subscriber, you will not be billed anymore. If you were an annual subscriber, contact us at support@quenchclub.ca