All definitions of the Terms of use shall apply to the present Privacy policy.


1.1. «Personal information» designates the first name, last name, age, email address, billing address, credit card information, Quench password, order history of the User and any and all other information, including geolocation and/or similar information,the User may provide directly or indirectly through the Application;

1.2. The User agrees that Quench may use the Personal information to:

1.2.1. Allow the User to send food and beverage orders to Participating establishments and stores through the Application;
1.2.2. Allow the User subscribing to the Premium club to redeem samples through the Application in the Participating establishments;
1.2.3. Satisfy the demands of products, Services and information of the User;
1.2.4. Ensure the confirmation and follow-up of all orders done through the Application;
1.2.5. Detect fraud and/or attempts of fraud and protect Quench and its Users against said fraud and/or attempts of fraud;
1.2.6. Resolve disputes, collect fees and troubleshoot problems;
1.2.7. Enforce the Terms of use of Quench;
1.2.8. Process the payments, through the Payment processor, for the Services rendered through the Application;
1.2.9. Administer, support, develop, commercialize and improve the Services and/or the Application;


2.1. Quenchcollects, uses and discloses Personal information only with the User’s consent, except when it is required or permitted by the applicable laws and regulations;

2.2. When the User chooses to provide Quench with Personal information, the User authorizes Quench to share the Personal information according to the covenants and conditions established in the present Privacy policy;

2.3. Every time the User accesses the Application, uses the Services or provides Quench with Personal information, by any method of communication, the User consents to the collection, use and disclosure of the User’s personal information, the whole in accordance with the terms of this Privacy policy and specifically, but not exclusively, for the purposes set out in Section 1 of this Privacy policy;

2.4. The User agrees that Quench may publish his first name and any submitted comment, feedback or review of the Application and/or the Services provided to Quench through email, the Application or any other mean of communication;

2.5. In the event that the User deletes his Quench account, the User gives Quench the authorization to retain his Personal information after the deletion of the account for the purposes of complying with law, accounting and tax reporting, assisting with any investigations and enforcing the Terms of use;


3.1. Quench may disclose the Personal information of the User to respond to legal requirements, enforce the Terms of use, distribute the User’s comments or ratings of the Application to prospective users of the Application, or protect the User’s or any other third party’s safety;

3.2. The User authorizes Quench to disclose the Personal information and the Payment information to a third party to securely process the payment, namely “Stripe” (hereinafter the « Payment Processor »). For more information on the privacy policy of the Payment Processor, the User may consult the website of the Payment processor at : ;

3.3. The Privacy policy addresses only the use and disclosure of the Personal information the Quench collects from the User;

3.4. The User acknowledges that, if he discloses any information to other entities through the Application and/or Services, different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of the information;

3.5. The User acknowledges that by using the Application he may be redirected to a third party. Quench does not know nor control the privacy policy of any third party the User may be redirected to. It is the User’s responsibility to read and accept any privacy policy of the third parties he is redirected to through the Application before using their information and services;

3.6. Quench does not share the Personal information with third parties for marketing purposes;

3.7. Quench may share the Personal information with any other legal entity, should Quenchplan to merge with or be acquired by that legal entity;

3.8. Should an event according to paragraph 3.7 occur, Quench will recommend that the entity responsible for collecting and/or storing the User’s Personal information adopt a privacy policy that maintains the rights of the User as they are established in the present Privacy policy. Quench shall not be held responsible if the User’s Personal information does not benefit from the same protection as in the present Privacy policy;


4.1. Quench will disclose the first name and last name to the Participating establishment every time the User submits an order through the Application;

4.2. Quench does not provide the Participating establishments with the User’s credit card information;

4.3. Quench may also provide the Participating establishments with demographic information such as, periodical reports excluding first and last name of the User and that will include the age and gender of the User;


5.1. The User agrees to use, as aQuench password, a password that is not obvious, to keep his Quench password confidential and shall take reasonable steps to protect his password;

5.2. If the User shares his Quench password and/or his Personal information with other Persons or is imprudent with the protection of his password, the User shall be held responsible for all actions taken in the name of his account;

5.3. In the event that the User’s Quench password has been compromised, he agrees to immediately notify Quench and take the necessary steps to change his password;

5.4. By signing up with his Facebook account, the User acknowledges that the authentication and account protection are withdrawn from Quench’s control and responsibility. The User also acknowledges that he is subject to Facebook’s privacy policy and terms and conditions, which are neither under Quench’s control nor responsibility.


6.1. The User acknowledges that Quench may amend the present Privacy policy at any time by posting the amended terms at the same location where the present Privacy policy can be found;

6.2. All amended terms of the present Privacy policy take effect immediately;

6.3. The User is responsible for regularly reviewing any updates to the present Terms of use;

6.4. The continued use by the User of the Application and/or the Services shall constitute acceptance of any amendments to the present Privacy policy;

6.5. The present Privacy policy is subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the Province of Quebec;

6.6. In the event of a dispute, the User and Quench shall be settled by the courts of the Province of Quebec, district of Montreal;

6.7. For any question regarding the Services, the Application and/or the present Privacy policy, Quench may be contacted at the following:514-312-3151.